MF inverter welders




TECNA spot welders are designed to meet every need of spot welding.
The frame of this line of machines has been designed by TECNA so to facilitate the operator's work.
The control unit, the pneumatic commands and the pressure gauge have been placed at the top so to enable the operator to use them smoothly.
The inverter technology, which these machines are provided with, allows a higher welding quality, an extreme precision in time and current and a reduction in costs, installation ones included.
The welding time is adjusted in milliseconds thus allowing the best set-up.
The welding current is supplied continuously and constantly and is not affected by the dimensions of the welding circuit.



  • Medium frequency welders, designed to obtain high quality welding.
  • Chrome-copper electrode-holders for heavy duty and long life, designed for both straight and angled fitting on the arm.
  • Water-cooled transformer, electrode-holders and electrodes; transformer windings coated in epoxy resin.
  • Microprocessor control unit TE751 provided with wide screen.
  • (optional) USB port for data storage.
  • Lubrication free cylinder and pneumatic components which eliminate oil mist.
  • Two-stage electric foot-pedal for clamping and welding pieces only if correctly positioned.
  • Pre-connection for an additional electric foot-pedal for the direct recalling of welding program No. 2. This function is helpful when different kinds of welding are to be performed on the same piece.

Arms: gap 280 mm, either 400 mm or 500 mm depth according to the machine model.
Double-stroke cylinder with hand control.


Specifications subject to change without notice.