88187 – New spotter gun with integrated ground

The news

TECNA's commitment to the Car Body Repair sector continues with the introduction of a small, but remarkable novelty.

The range of accessories for capacitor discharge spotters is expanding through the latest innovation launched by the R&D department: the new gun with integrated ground 88187!

Effectiveness and safety

The closeness of grounds and pins allows achieving a better-quality welding.

The integration of the ground inside the same tool allows using fewer cables thus making welding operations simpler and the workplace tidier and safer.

Ease and speed of use

With the new gun, by pressing on the ground contacts, the operator can immediately weld the pin. Therefore, it is sufficient to clean only the area involving the welding and not also the one involving possible ground grips.

The operator will no longer have to stop his job to clamp and unclamp the ground cables.



The new gun item 88187 is available:

  • Standard on the TECNA capacitor discharge spotters: TSW1000CAR/G and TSW1500CAR/G
  • On demand on the TECNA capacitor discharge spotters: TSW1000CAR and TSW1500CAR