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Metallurgy and design of welded joints

Protesa Spa, a company that deals with organizational and technological services to support business processes and which is part of the Sacmi Imola S.C. Group, recently organized a training day for mechanical designers and welding technicians.

As TECNA Spa, we were extremely proud to host Protesa and its guests, providing not only the spaces, but also the skills and ideas related to the large part of the event dedicated to resistance welding, which has always been our core business, and to post-welding tests, a subject on which we are highly specialized.

The event, entitled “Metallurgy and design of welded joints“, was therefore held at the conference room of our Head Quarter in Via Meucci, 27 in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO).

Metallurgy and design of welded joints

Eng. Antonio Frattaroli, who led the day, guided the participants through an interesting training course that included the following chapters:

  • General Metallurgy
  • Welded Joint Metallurgy
  • Carbon-Manganese steels
  • Welding processes
  • Designation of Welded Joints
  • esign and verification

Participation was numerous and active and also recorded a good number of TECNA employees among the public, demonstrating that continuing education is not only indispensable, but also appreciated by designers and technicians.


Metallurgy and design of welded joints

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