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Pneumatic welding gun: a new patent

Pneumatic welding guns for the Car Body Repair department are a trademark product of TECNA catalogue, and they are homologated by the most important car manufacturers for use in authorized body shops worldwide.

After listening to the requests and needs of our Customers and considering them a top priority for our R&D department, our engineers have developed a new clamping system, able to provide greater comfort and easiness of use of the machine.

What are the advantages?

The new push pull system consists of a patented mechanism that presents several important updates if compared with traditional Allen key or fixed external lever arm-opening systems:

  • it is integrated in the gun structure, virtually eliminating the risk of potential accidental openings that could damage the gun and the possibility of losing the key not anchored to the system;
  • it guarantees a more precise and smoother clamping;
  • it contains an isolated knob that protects from the risk of short circuits.


The new clamping system is compatible with all types of C-type TECNA welding guns, and it ensures the possibility of installation also on the machines currently in use.

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