DC current welding station with inverter technology – Item 3645


The 3645 HSS Ready is the new TECNA’s resistance welding system provided with medium frequency DC inverter technology and with a digital control unit suitable for applications in car bodyworks.

The new and more compact line makes the 3645 more agile and easy to handle thus appropriate for any type of environment.




The 3645 HSS Ready is equipped with a spot welding gun completely water-cooled.




The transformer, arms and electrodes are water-cooled by a closed circuit system located in the lower part of the trolley.

The gun is suitable for car bodyworks and ensures excellent welding results on all the materials, but especially on high strength steels (HSS) and galvanized sheets.

The welding gun with integrated transformer can drastically reduce current consumptions from the mains facilitating the welding of cars, although positioned on the bench, by means of its 4-meter cable.

The considerable length of the cable, besides providing a large reach, reduces the exposure of the operator’s body to magnetic fields.


TE40t control unit


The TE40t digital control unit allows easy, quick and safe operations thanks to its set of useful features for the operator to use the welder choosing amongst a number of preset welding programs for all kind of materials including the latest generation high-strength steel.

Adjustment of welding parameters like spark time (in msec.), display of the real welding current, pulse and automatic compensation, are amongst the functions of the TE40t; the user can automatically adjust the welding parameters according to the arm chosen, the materials to weld and the thickness of the sheets.


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    Professional Inveretr Spot Welding Systems Items 3645HSS - 3646HSS 03-2018
    Sistema di Saldatura a Resistenza Inverter Art. 3645HSS - 3646HSS 03-2018
    Sistema de Saldadura Inverter por Resistencia Art. 3645HSS - 3646HSS 03-2018
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    Catalogo Generale Linea Professionale 07-2022
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