DC current welding station with inverter technology – Item 3655 Evolution 2

3655 Evolution 2

NEW EVOLUTION2 13kA direct current welding stations with inverter technology M.F. 25 kVA. (1000 Hz)
equipped with:

  • NEW TE40i inverter WELDING CONTROL UNIT provided with pre-settled main welding programs for high resistance materials (HSS) too, time adjustment in ms, real welding current display, pulses, welding current and automatic compensation.
  • USB port for upgrading and welding data managing on PC.
  • Automatic proportional valve for managing the force at the electrodes.
  • Machine’s NEW DESIGN. NEW TROLLEY equipped with protected wheels providing greater stability and ergonomics.

The NEW EVOLUTION2 welding systems keep alive those features which made TECNA’s welding systems versatile and reliable:

  • Independent double program.
  • Water-cooling.
  • Pneumatic functioning with simultaneous connection of two tools and automatic recall of the relevant memorized welding program enabling to save time, avoid errors so to have a simple and safe working process.

The NEW EVOLUTION2 welding systems for car body repair are equipped with last generation’s Fast Guns, pneumatic guns providing maximum pressures up to 700 daN.

The NEW EVOLUTION2 welding systems are designed for car body shops repair works.
– spot welding with “C” gun with quickly replaceable exchangeable arms, twin spot, water-cooled and non water-cooled single-sided gun;
– welding of nails and washers for sheet straightening (spotter function);
– localised heating with carbon electrode;

By means of the inverter technology that allows a constant and high welding current, not influenced by the variations of the supply voltages and by the secondary circuit conditions, the quality of the spot is improved also on galvanized sheets.

The high current value allows to save time resulting in a longer electrodes life. The reduced absorption balanced on the three phases reduces the connecting costs.



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