Control unit TE850


The TE850 LittleSpot (Item 50328) is a microcontroller-based welding unit for resistance welders. Designed to be used both with single-phase welding machines and inverter technology machines, its main task is to manage the circulation and adjustment of the welding current by working exclusively in power percentage adjustment.

The working cycle is featured by time, power, slope up and pulses parameters. It may be adjusted to either spot welding or seam welding. The control unit may store a welding program defined by the user through SetUP DEVICE 10. Otherwise, before any working cycle, it is possible to provide the control unit with the program parameters. The parameterization may be via analogue inputs or through the field bus interface on the control.

  • It can be connected to an external portable programming terminal for the initial parameterization of the unit or for the editing of the welding program parameters which are on the TE850; SetUP DEVICE 10 (Item 50332)
  • It can be connected to a CAN bus network through its suitable built-in port. On the same network, there can be connected up to 126 welding units. It is possible to run the parameterization of the duty cycle as well as monitoring the start of the cycle itself through the CAN bus.
  • Through the external interface TECNA 50287, it may be connected to either one of the following field buses (CAN OPEN, ETHERCAT, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ETHERNET IP): each TECNA 50287 interface can manage a sub-network of 15 TE850 welding control units maximum. Through the field bus, it is possible to run the parameterization of the working cycle as well as monitoring the start of the cycle itself.
  • It can manage an inverter unit with variable driving frequency from 1000Hz to 10000Hz and constant current working mode.
  • It can command synchronously a controlled diode with phase control adjustment. The control unit works at constant conduction angle.
  • DP0111ITEN
    Control Unit TE750 10-2013
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  • DP0103DE
    Control Unit Kits 2-2017
  • DP0103EN
    Control Unit Kits 2-2017
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    Control Unit Kits 2-2017
  • DCI0000002
    Resistance Welding 09-2017
    Saldatura a Resistenza 09-2017
    Soudage par Resistance 09-2017
    Widerstandsschweissung 09-2017
    Soldadura por Resistencia 09-2017