Spot and projection welders – Items 67xx – 90-315 kVA


This line of welders may be set up according to a wide range of mechanical and pneumatic configurations thus responding to all customer needs while maintaining a high mechanical stiffness that makes these machines the most suitable ones for jobs requiring an extremely high welding quality.

It is possible to configure these machines according to 4 different mechanical frames which differ for an increasing structural rigidity: they can be realized for spot, spot-projection or projection execution. The choice of the arms gap may vary from a minimum of 300 mm, in case of projection execution, up to a maximum of 1500 mm, in case of spot execution.

The required cylinder may be chosen among a range covering from the smallest one developing a 736daN force at 6bar up to the largest achieving a force 5509daN at 6bar.

As for the most suitable transformer for the required application, the available sizes are 90-160-200-240-315 kVA.

The TE700 control unit allows 6 working modes thus enabling to select the best welding procedure for the type of material to be welded. A high precision and constancy of the working pressure may be ensured by implementing a proportional valve in the pneumatic circuit. This proportional valve is directly programmable by the control unit and allows matching each program to its own pressure value.

  • Protection with automatic circuit breaker
  • Flow-switch preventing the welder from working without cooling and valve for stopping the cooling water flow when the machine is off.
  • Water-cooled transformer, plates, electrode-holders and electrodes.
  • Welding transformer with epoxy resin coated windings.
  • Cylinder with chrome-plated stem for heavy-duty works and long life; adjustable anti-rotation device.
  • Cylinders with prismatic stem for high precision works are also available.
  • Lubrication free cylinder and pneumatic components to eliminate oil mist and to protect the environment.
  • Welding adjustable double-stroke cylinder with key control or with pneumatic foot control.
  • TE700 microprocessor control unit, which enables to store up to 300 welding programs.
  • Optional USB port for data storage.
  • Two-stage electric foot control for clamping and welding pieces only if correctly positioned (standard supplied for those machines configured as per either spots or spot/projection executions).
  • Pre-setting for additional electric foot switch for the direct recall of the second welding program. This function proves to be particularly useful for performing different welds on the same piece.
  • Arranged for all models: two-hand safety control with timer and removable key selector, assuring the best safety (standard supplied for those machines configured as per either projections or spot/projection executions).
  • Pneumatic circuit with low-force squeeze (optional), particularly suitable when projection welding or when spot welding delicate pieces.
  • Optional position sensor, which allows measuring the initial thickness as well as checking the presence and the correct size of the material to be welded before welding. It also allows measuring the penetration of the electrodes at the end of the welding process. It is also possible to stop the current supply upon achievement of the programmed penetration value.
  • DP0602
    Medium Frequency, Spot and Projection, Linear Action Welding Machines 90÷315 kVA Items 6710 ÷ 6752 06-2016
    Saldatrici Rettilinee a Punti e Proiezione a Media Frequenza 90÷315 kVA Art. 6710 ÷ 6752 06-2016
    Soudeuses a Descente Rectiligne, par Points et par Bossages MF 90÷315 kVA Art. 6710 ÷ 6752 06-2016
    Punkt - U. Buckelmaschinen - Mittelfrequenz 90÷315 kVA Art. 6710 ÷ 6752 06-2016
    Maquinas de Soldadura a Puntos y a Proyeccion a Media Frecuencia 90÷315 kVA Art. 6710 ÷ 6752 06-2016
  • DP0112
    Position Sensor 2012
    Sensore di Posizione 2012
    IT EN
  • DCI0000002
    Resistance Welding 09-2017
    Saldatura a Resistenza 09-2017
    Soudage par Resistance 09-2017
    Widerstandsschweissung 09-2017
    Soldadura por Resistencia 09-2017