DC current welding station with inverter technology – Item 3664


The 3664 models represent a resistance welding system controlled by a microprocessor suitable for car body repair applications.

The welders 3664P and 3664P7 are fully automatic.

Smart Plus Mode: the touch-screen display welding control is able to recognize automatically the type and thickness of the sheets to be welded by relying on sensors placed within the gun.

Inverter technology welding gun with built-in transformer matches the system. The combination of these two technologies creates an efficient machine that delivers a power of 14.000A using a 32A fuse only.

The water-cooled “C” gun provides an high and constant electrode force, notwithstanding the different arm shapes, up to 635 mm arm length. The flexible and light 4000 mm cable connecting the gun to the machine allows a wide field of action and manoeuvrability without strong magnetic fields.

The welding tool, transformer, arms and electrodes are completely cooled by a closed loop cooling system placed on the system’s trolley.

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