Control units

TE300 is a microprocessor welding control unit for suspended resistance welding guns. This control unit includes specific functions to be used when working with suspended welding guns, such as the double stroke control, and a function checking the efficacy of the safety devices which can be eventually installed on the handle of the machine. It is possible to program 2 different welding programs which can be recalled by an external device. Each program is formed by 11 programmable parameters which describe the working cycle. Besides the simple 4 times cycle, the control unit enables to carry out welding processes with pre-weld current, slope and pulses. Another available function of this control unit is the compensation of the minimum current.

photo te300


  • Simplified programming by 5 push-buttons.
  • Synchronous thyristors drive device with phase shift control for welding current adjustment.
  • 2 welding programs to be stored up and selectable by an external device.
  • 11 programmable parameters for each program.
  • Slope and pulse functions.
  • Single and automatic cycle.
  • Automatic double stroke.
  • Compensation of the secondary current to weld oxidised sheets and rods.
  • WELD/NO WELD function.
  • Delay of first phase shift adjustment, to get the best balance of the machine absorption from mains.
  • Control of 2 solenoid valves 24 Vdc 7,2 W Max with protected output against short circuit: electrode closing valve and double stroke valve.
  • Self-adjustment to the network frequency 50/60 Hz.



1° SQUEEZE 00 - 99 cycles
SQUEEZE 01 - 99 cycles
PRE-WELD TIME 00 - 60 cycles
COLD TIME 00 - 50 cycles
SLOPE 00 - 29 cycles
WELD TIME 1 01 - 60 cycles
CURRENT 1 01 - 99 %
IMPULSE N. 01 - 09
HOLD TIME 01 - 99 cycles
OFF TIME 00 - 99 cycles


Specifications subject to change without notice.