Control unit TE480


TE480 is a microprocessor welding control unit for suspended resistance welding guns. The welding control unit is used to control the welder parts, and in particular the thyristors adjusting the welding current. This control unit includes specific functions to be used when working with suspended welding guns, such as: double stroke control; control of the efficacy of the safety devices eventually installed on the handle of the machine.

The handle is not a standard component of the welding control unit; it is possible to install different handles so to set the machine according to different working performances.

It is possible to store up to 63 different welding programs; it is possible to directly recall 2 programs by means of an external selector commonly installed on the handle, including the presence of 2 active handles. Each program is formed by 19 adjustable parameters describing the working cycle.

Besides the simple 4 times cycle, the control unit enables to carry out welding processes with pre-weld current, post-weld current, slope and pulses. TE480 can work in constant current and costant energy operating modes, it displays the welding current and check the current according to the set limit.

  • Simplified programming by means of 5 push-buttons and LCD alphanumeric display.
  • Controlled-diodes synchronous drive with phase shift control for welding current adjustment.
  • 63 welding programs to be stored up; 2 programs can be recalled from the handle.
  • Possibility of connecting 2 handles.
  • 19 programmable parameters or more for each program.
  • Slope and pulse functions; pre-weld and post-weld functions.
  • Welding times adjustment in half-periods.
  • Display of both welding current in kA, and connected conduction angle.
  • Operating modes: conventional, constant current and costant energy.
  • Either welding current or conductor angle limits.
  • Automatic double stroke function (to be employed only when the welder has been designed for this function).
  • Three working modes along the machines stroke: SHORT, LONG, AUTO.
  • Stepper function to balance the electrodes wear-out with adjustable curve.
  • Welds counter.
  • Single and automatic cycle. WELD/NO WELD function.
  • Delay of first phase shift adjustment to get the bet balance of the machine absorption from the mains.
  • Control of 2 solenoid valves 24 Vdc 7,2 W Max with protected output against short circuit: electrodes closing valves and double stroke valve.
  • Self-adjustment to the mains frequency 50/60 Hz.
  • Data communication with RS485.
  • Password for locking the programming.
  • Selectable languages: Italian, English, Spanish, German, French, Hungarian, Portuguese and Swedish.
  • DP0103DE
    Kit Unità di Controllo 2-2017
  • DP0103EN
    Kit Unità di Controllo 2-2017
  • DP0103IT
    Kit Unità di Controllo 2-2017
  • DCI0000002
    Saldatura a Resistenza 09-2017
    Resistance Welding 09-2017
    Soudage par Resistance 09-2017
    Widerstandsschweissung 09-2017
    Soldadura por Resistencia 09-2017

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