If you are reading this, you are probably interested in the safety and ergonomics of your job.
Why Choose TECNA Balancers?
Experience the Difference with TECNA’s Versatile Balancer Range. At TECNA, we take pride in offering the most extensive selection of balancers to meet your unique needs. Our commitment to quality and safety ensures that you get the utmost in performance and reliability.

Here’s why you need a TECNA balancer:
1. Tailored Solutions for Every Industry:
TECNA provides specific balancer lines for various applications, including ATEX or ESD-protected, food industry, and extreme environments. For those who demand the highest safety standards, we also offer our GS-certified STANDARD LINE.
2. Uncompromising Quality:
All TECNA balancers are crafted to the highest quality standards, guaranteeing safety and comfort throughout their lifespan. Our rigorous quality controls, meticulous assembly processes, and thorough testing procedures are a testament to our commitment to excellence.
3. Continuous Innovation:
We’re dedicated to ongoing innovation and improvement, ensuring that our balancers remain at the forefront of industry standards.
4. Built to Last:
TECNA balancers are designed to withstand the harshest working conditions, from the lightest to the heaviest loads. Expect strength, durability, and long-lasting performance.
5. Safety is Paramount:
Complying with the DIN 15112 Directive, all TECNA balancers come equipped with fall protection safety, providing peace of mind as per regulations. Heavy-duty lines feature double safety mechanisms in case of breakage.
6. Robust and Customizable:
Our balancers feature an aluminium die-cast body, combining strength and lightweight properties. They are resistant to impacts, scratches, and come in a compact size. Not only do they perform exceptionally, but they also exude grace and robustness.
7. Personalized Solutions:
We understand that your needs may be unique. TECNA offers customizable products tailored to your specific applications.

With TECNA, you’re in the hands of experts who prioritize your safety, performance, and comfort. Choose TECNA balancers and experience excellence in motion.

TECNA Spring Balancers are innovative mechanical tools designed to simplify your work, increase efficiency, and enhance safety. These remarkable devices are perfect for technicians, engineers, and production managers seeking a more streamlined approach to handling suspended loads, making their team’s job safest and most efficient.
Key Features:
Constant Tension: TECNA Spring Balancers employ a spring motor and a specialized drum (zero gravity balancers or retractor balancers) to maintain constant tension on the cable. This ensures that your suspended tools or equipment move with ease, following your precise commands.
Ergonomic Support: TECNA Tool Balancers go beyond mere load support. They serve as indispensable tools themselves, making it effortless to position and operate hand tools, heavy equipment, and machinery. You’ll experience reduced physical strain and increased maneuverability.

TECNA TOOL RETRACTORS BALANCERS: return tools to a preset rest position after use, usually out of the way of the work area. The tool is often affixed to a cable, which is wound onto a spring-loaded reel to perform the retraction.
TECNA ZERO GRAVITY BALANCERS: These extraordinary balancers offer natural balance throughout their entire stroke length, facilitating the effortless handling of tools and equipment.
With TECNA BALANCERS, your tools will feel nearly weightless, resulting in less operator fatigue and enhanced safety and efficiency.

Improved Workspace: By preventing tools from falling and getting damaged, TECNA Spring Balancers contribute to a more efficient and organized work environment. Benjamin Franklin’s wise words — «a place for everything and everything in its place» — have never been truer.

Safety: Enhance workplace safety and reduce the risk of accidents.
Ergonomics: Promote proper ergonomics in daily tasks, reducing worker strain, and thus making your team enjoy their job.
Efficiency: Improve production efficiency by making tools nearly weightless.
Tool handling: Suspend tools for easy access and prevent damage.
Repetitive Tasks: Assist workers with repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity.
Versatility: Hold fixtures, tools, welding guns, hoses, pipes, and more.
Clean Workspace: Keep equipment, cables, plugs, and sockets off the floor to eliminate trip hazards and damage risks.
Reduce Effort: Minimize worker effort when sliding or opening/closing barriers, doors, and hatches. Cable and Hose Management: Use as a festoon system to reduce wear on cables and hoses.
Precision: Stabilize tool position, improve accuracy, and reduce operator motion.
Fatigue Reduction: Minimize worker fatigue, particularly during extended tasks.
Multiple Tool Sizes: Suitable for tools of various sizes, ensuring versatility.
Tool Protection: Reduce the risk of tool damage or falls.

Selecting the ideal TECNA Balancer is crucial for maximizing the benefits. Consider the following factors:
Load Capacity: Determine the weight your balancer needs to support.
Cable Stroke: Calculate how much you need to move your load.
Cable rope Material: Opt for Dyneema/Polypropylene cables for delicate surfaces, as alternative to the standard stainless steel cables.
Environmental Conditions: explosion-proof situations with gases, gasoline, fumes, etc. will require our dedicated TECNA BALANCER of the ATEX family. In case of particularly aggressive chemical environments or hazard, TECNA FOOD INDUSTRY BALANCERS provide a valuable solution. If you are handling electronics or electrical elements or work in a ESD PROTECTED AREA (EPA), our TECNA ESD PROTECTED BALANCERS will
be your saviours.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us or your preferred distributor for expert guidance. We’re here to help you find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

Elevate your workspace with TECNA Spring Balancers and experience a more efficient, safe, and enjoyable work environment.

For more information, check out our informative videos on Retractors and Zero Gravity Balancers on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbbZ_hVrXhk

Common tool balancer and retractor uses and application:
Here is a list of common tool balancer uses and applications. You may find your match … or simply create your own application and name it for us!

Models available also in the following lines:
Suspended Tools (light)9310-9313; 9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9446L-9450
Suspended tools (heavy)9336L-9340; 9446L-9450; 9354-9359; 9502-9525
Power tools9310-9313; 9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9446L-9450
Air Tools9336L-9340; 9446L-9450; 9502-9525
Pneumatic Tools9200-9203; 9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350
Hydraulic tools9346L-9350; 9502-0525; 9401-9456
Screw drivers9200-9203; 9310-9313; 9320-9323; 9336L-9340;
Guns9336L-9340; 9446L-9450
Torque arms9346L-9350; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Drills9200-9203; 9310-9313; 9320-9323; 9336L-9340;
Chipping Hammers9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Jackhammers9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Hammer Drills9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Air Hammers9346L-9350; 9502-9525; 9361-9371; 9354-9359
Die Grinders9346L-9350; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Belt Sanders9346L-9350; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Planers9346L-9350; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Clinchers9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Riveters9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Huck Bolters9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Rivet Guns9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Huck Riveters9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Dot Peen Markers9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Marking Tools9300-9313; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Strapping Tools9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Cable Tie Machines9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Plug/socket holder9310-9313; 9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350
Charging stations9310-9313; 9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350
Pallet Wrap Machines9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Nail Guns9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Staple Guns9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Saws9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371; 9354-9359
Electric Tools9346L-9350; 9502-9525; 9361-9371; 9354-9359
Weld Guns9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Internal Transguns9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
External Transguns9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Cable Weld Guns9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Electric Saws9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Slaughterhouses and butchering tools9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Meat-Processing Plants9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Food processing9502-9525; 9346L-9350; 9320-9323; 9300-9313
Dairies9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Meat Saws9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Bone Cutters9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Bone Saws9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Eyelet Applicator9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Ham Peeler9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Skin Remover9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Deboning Machines9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Band Saws9401-9456; 9502-9525; 9361-9371
Washdown nozzles9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Commercial Laundries9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Industrial Laundries9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Steam Irons9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Commercial Ironing Equipment9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Door Closers9336L-9340; 9354-9359
Mobile barriers or sliding windows/hatches for automation9320-9323; 9336L-9340
Oven / Dish washer protection holder9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9354-9359
Robotics9320-9323; 9336L-9340
Cable Guides9320-9323; 9336L-9340
Festooning9320-9323; 9336L-9340
Hose Festooning9320-9323; 9336L-9340
Water Hose Suspension9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9354-9359; 9502-9525
Power Cable Festooning9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9502-9525
Power Cable Suspension9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9502-9525
Fuel Hose Suspension9336LAX-9340AX; 9346L-9350; 9502AX-9525AX
Pipes9336LAX-9340AX; 9502AX-9525AX
Cable Festooning9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9502-9525
Cable Suspension9320-9323; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9502-9525
Vacuum Hose Suspension9502-9525; 9346L-9350
Vacuum Lifter9346L-9350; 9346L-9350
Tank / truck /vehicle / car washing stations9502AX-9525AX; 9346L-9350; 9336L-9340
Assembly workstations9320-9323; 9300-9313; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350
Assembly tools9320-9323; 9300-9313; 9336L-9340; 9346L-9350
Drum fillers9336L-9340; 9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Pallet fillers9336L-9340; 9354-9359
Bag fillers9336L-9340; 9354-9359
Drum dispensers9320-9323; 9300-9313; 9336L-9340
Crimping Tool9300-9313
Pneumatic Crimper9320-9323; 9300-9313; 9336L-9340
Hydraulic Crimper9346L-9350; 9354-9359
Suction Pumps9354-9359; 9502-9525
Bottling Tools9336L-9340; 9354-9359
Power Washing Equipment9336L-9340; 9502-9525
Pressure Washing Equipment9336L-9340; 9502-9525
Weaving machines9336L-9340; 9502-9525
Shoemaking equipment9336L-9340; 9502-9525; 9300-9313
Bootmaking equipment9336L-9340; 9502-9525; 9300-9313
Cobbler equipment9336L-9340; 9502-9525; 9300-9313
Heating tools9336L-9340; 9300-9313; 9346L-9350
Spray Paint Guns9320-9323; 9300-9313; 9336L-9340
Powder Coat Guns9320-9323; 9300-9313; 9336L-9340
Bottle Cappers and Bottle Capping Equipment9336L-9340; 9354-9359
Fitness / Rehabilitation equipment9336L-9340; 9354-9359; 9502-9525; 9401-9456
Hospital equipment / Patient lifting equipment9336L-9340; 9354-9359; 9502-9525; 9401-9456
Pulley therapy9336L-9340; 9354-9359; 9502-9525; 9401-9456

* The “balancer solution” is just a general suggestion, based on analogies and statistics. Tecna cannot be held responsible for suggesting a particular pairing between an application and a particular balancer model. If you have any questions, please contact Tecna or any Tecna distributor to receive full support within limits of competence and liability. In case of applications with flammable products or in explosion risk environments, refer to Tecna ATEX line and contact Tecna or any Tecna distributor to receive full support within limits of competence and liability.