Important News For The 3680 Resistance Welder

The historical 3680 resistance welder is now ready for Industry 4.0.

Integration with the company's information systems is extremely simple thanks to the predisposition for Oxygen management software.

It meets all the requirements of Industry 4.0:

  • PLC control to manage welding phases
  • provision for interconnection
  • possible integration with the logistics system
  • Intuitive man-machine interface
  • EC declaration of conformity
  • remote diagnostics feature

In addition:

new remote display, which follows the operator, allowing him to control the 3680 using any tablet or smartphone.

The new remote display is

  • flexible: can be used with support systems of any brand or model
  • safe: connection between the machine and the tablet is local and protected
  • cost effective: no additional devices required

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