Arte in TECNA: una mostra virtuale delle fotografie di Fabio Gubellini

Per maestri ho avuto i miei occhi. Michelangelo Antonioni   Fabio Gubellini, ingegnere  meccanico, responsabile dell’ufficio tecnico e del reparto di progettazione in TECNA, è un appassionato di fotografia, arte alla quale si dedica, con successo e pubblici riconoscimenti, ormai da una decina d’anni. Realizza immagini di fotografia industriale, reportage fotografici di archeologia industriale, che … Continued

Pneumatic welding gun: a new patent

Pneumatic welding guns for the Car Body Repair department are a trademark product of TECNA catalogue, and they are homologated by the most important car manufacturers for use in authorized body shops worldwide. After listening to the requests and needs of our Customers and considering them a top priority for our R&D department, our engineers … Continued

TECNA and the University of Bologna: working in synergy for the research, analysis and testing of new materials

The continuous exchange of knowledge between manufacturing companies and the University system leads to innovation and favors the acquisition of new skills in terms of technological and production development.   TECNA collaborates with the University of Bologna on projects implemented by the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research- Advanced Applications in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology … Continued

We are back!

TECNA is pleased to announce the complete resumption of the production and research activities, as well as that of the technical counselling services.   We have always been at your side, despite all the limitations derived from lockdown, even during the most difficult times of this pandemic.   Now, in keeping with the safety norms … Continued

TECNA staff always at your side

Despite the difficulties and isolation imposed by the pandemic containment measures, TECNA staff are always at the side of their Customers to provide technical assistance and support.   Please, write to the email accounts – – we will arrange for a remote intervention for proper troubleshooting through the computer channels that you deem appropriate.   Our sales … Continued

Covid-19 Update

To counter the spread of COVID 19, the Italian government issued a decree which suspends non-essential production activities from 26 March to 3 April. TECNA spa falls into the category involved in the new ministerial provisions. We will only stop for a few days, ready to make our contribution to the safety of Italian citizens, … Continued

Coronavirus: TECNA Production activities proceeding as normal

Dear Valued Customer, the Italian Government has issued a number of executive decrees gradually increasing  restrictions in order to contain the spread of Covid 19 virus, which has now become a global pandemic. TECNA has moved very quickly and rigorously to enact all the actions prescribed by the  law as we put the health and … Continued

88187 – New spotter gun with integrated ground

The news TECNA’s commitment to the Car Body Repair sector continues with the introduction of a small, but remarkable novelty. The range of accessories for capacitor discharge spotters is expanding through the latest innovation launched by the R&D department: the new gun with integrated ground 88187! Effectiveness and safety The closeness of grounds and pins allows … Continued

TECNA meets the philosopher Giuseppe Barzaghi

DWELLING THE WORDS, conversations with Giuseppe Barzaghi o.p. The conversations with Giuseppe Barzaghi, held in the Conference Room of TECNA’s headquarters, have reached their third appointment. Fascinating talks in which Barzaghi, as a sort of passionate tourist guide, leads TECNA’s women and men to discover the words, their origin, their sense and meaning, so that … Continued