In accordance with art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30.06.2003 concerning the protection of persons and other subjects, we would like to inform you that the company TECNA S.p.A., headquartered in Via Meucci 27, 40024 Castel S. Pietro Terme BOLOGNA, processes the personal data of customers, commercial partners and suppliers as well as of persons who voluntarily provide us with their personal information (by telephone, fax or e-mail). Your personal data will be processed according to Italian Legislative Decree no.196 as well as following our company’s principles of confidentiality and professionalism. The personal data held by our company are collected directly from our customers.




  The fulfillment of legal obligations, Community standards, as well as regulations issued by authorities with right to do so by law or by monitoring and/or control bodies. The fulfillment of possible contractual obligations with respect to the party concerned. The carrying out of activities strictly related to the business activity of our company, such as the keeping of internal statistics, invoicing or accounting (accounts receivable and accounts payable). Purposes of a business nature such as the sending of business information and advertising materials (by post, fax or e-mail), marketing and market studies.




  With reference to the abovementioned aims, personal data treatment is carried out through manual processing, computerized or telecommunication  tools, with logics that are strictly connected to the aims and in any case in such a way that data security and confidentiality are guaranteed. With regard to the abovementioned objectives your personal data will be forwarded as required: to all natural and/or legal, public and/or private persons (legal, administrative and tax consultant offices etc.) if such forwarding is shown to be necessary for or relevant to the exercise of our activity and in the manner and for the purposes listed above. The subjects mentioned above, to whom the data can be communicated, will use these data as “owners”, as governed by the law, in complete independence, as they are outside of the original data treatment occurred in our company. Data processing through web navigation and email During the link to this site no personal information is collected. Data related to connections is collected and used only for statistical purposes in anonymous form. IP addresses are not saved. Cookies are not used for tracking users. The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mail to the addresses listed on this site involves the acquisition of the sender’s e-mail address – which is needed to respond to requests – and any other data included in the message. Apart from what has been specified for navigation data, the users are free to provide personal information necessary to respond to their requests. The absence of such data may make it impossible to process user requests.




  The personal information processed by our company shall not be subject to dissemination.




  The processing of information may take place with or without the assistance of means electronic or otherwise automated and it encompasses all the procedures that are provided for in art. 4, paragraph 1, (a) of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 and that are necessary for the processing of the relevant information. In any case, the processing of information shall be carried out in observance of all cautionary measures that ensure its security and confidentiality.




  The Data protection code grants the parties concerned the exercise of certain rights in accordance with art. 7. In particular, they have the right to receive notice about whether or not information on them exists and to be given more details in comprehensible form regarding this information, its origin and the purposes and methods of its processing. Moreover, the party concerned may request to be acquainted with the logics applied in case of processing carried out with the aid of electronic tools, the owner’s essential identification data, the persons appointed to be in charge and the persons and categories of persons to whom the data can be communicated or who can acquire knowledge of it. The party concerned has the right to verify his or her information, to check it, to correct it and to supplement it as well as to demand that the information be deleted, blocked or transformed into anonymous information in the event that the processing violates legal regulations. He or she has the right to refuse for legitimate reasons the processing of his or her information in whole or in part, even if pertinent to the aim of their collection, as well as to refuse without any reason the processing of his or her information if this information is to be used for purposes of commercial information, sending out of advertising material, direct sales or market research. The rights under discussion may be asserted by the party concerned or by a person appointed by him or her by means of a request sent by registered mail or e-mail and directed to the person responsible for the processing, Ezio Amadori, TECNA S.p.A. – Via Meucci 27, 40024 Castel S. Pietro Terme (BO) – Italy The holder of the processed information is: TECNA S.p.A., in the person of its legal representative Ezio Amadori. The company reserves the right to modify or to revise this privacy notice at any time, especially in case of amendments of the law and/or new regulations.