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Siamo felici di informare che TECNA S.p.A., dopo aver ottenuto nel 2012 la certificazione ISO 9001, nel corso del 2013 ha implementato il proprio sistema di gestione aziendale in ottica anche ambientale, ottenendo, in data 20 gennaio 2014, la certificazione del sistema di gestione integrato per la Qualità ed Ambientale UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 ed UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 da parte dell' ente di certificazione TUV NORD relativa allo scopo riportato nei certificati, ovvero per la "progettazione, produzione e commercializzazione di saldatrici a resistenza, bilanciatori, strumenti e trasformatori".

L'ISO 14001 dimostra che il sistema di gestione ambientale dell'impresa è stato riconosciuto conforme ad uno standard di eccellenza. Questo modello è applicato agli aspetti ambientali che l'organizzazione ha identificato, che può tenere sotto controllo e sui quali può esercitare un'influenza; questo modello pone l'accento sull'attuazione, mantenimento e miglioramento del sistema di gestione ambientale in conformità alla politica ambientale aziendale.

I principali argomenti affrontati da questa norma sono:

  • requisiti del sistema di gestione ambientale
  • politica ambientale
  • pianificazione
  • attuazione e funzionamento
  • verifica
  • riesame della direzione

Più di 250.000 aziende sono certificate secondo questa norma in 155 paesi diversi.

L'ottenimento della certificazione UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 dimostra che TECNA S.p.A. ha la capacità di stabilire, attuare, mantenere attivo e migliorare un sistema di gestione ambientale. Inoltre, dimostra che TECNA S.p.A. si assicura di essere conforme alla propria politica ambientale.


Attached ISO 14001 Certificate
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Certification of the Quality Management System - TECNA complies with ISO 9001:2008

We are pleased to inform that, on 07th December 2012, TECNA S.p.A. successfully passed the audit by the certifying body TUV NORD thus obtaining the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 relevant to the purpose stated in the certificate, that is to say for "design, manufacture and sale of resistance welders, balancers, tools and transformers".

The ISO 9001 certification shows that the quality management system of the company has been recognized as complying with a standard of excellence. This model is applied to the organization's processes that have an impact on the quality and focuses on continuous improvements and customers' satisfaction.

The main topics covered by this pattern are:

  • Quality management system
  • Management responsibilities conduct
  • Resource Management
  • Product realization
  • Measurement
  • Analysis and improvement

More than one million companies are certified according to this standard in 170 different countries.

By obtaining the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, TECNA S.p.A. has proved it has the ability to regularly provide products meeting both the customer's requirements as well as the applicable mandatory provisions. Furthermore, this achievement has evidenced TECNA's aim to enhance the customer satisfaction by applying this very system efficaciously, including the processes for continuously improving the structure and ensuring its compliance with the customers' demands and the applicable regulatory requirements.


Attached ISO 9001 Certificate (1.4 MB)
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Castel San Pietro Terme, 19.12.2011

Recently Tecna S.p.A. has obtained the new BMW's Approval for the 3664P, in the BMW's world 3664 BM. This new achieved goal allows Tecna to enter the BMW's world and to enlarge the range of tools for the car body repair area of this Automotive giant. The 3664 BM will be sold directly by BMW, but the assistance will be followed in partnership with our distributors.

The achievement of this Approval represents an important goal as it puts together both Tecna's quality and its advanced technology with the name of BMW that suggests and approves the 3664 BM in two versions, 400V and 230V. This new success highlights the Tecna brand which is always synonymous of quality.

Attached approval information (256 kB), product photo (2.2 MB)
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The market is constantly evolving and TECNA not only loves to be in step with the times but is also in the forefront with its products.

On the topic of forward-thinking, we are pleased to introduce our new 95XX line of balancers.

The new 95XX balancers present a new safer design enabling a better cleaning thanks to the housing which is now more round-shaped and provided with less sharp edges. The steel clamp, which blocks the rope, has been replaced with a nylon one that ensures the integrity of the rope even if subjected to long work sessions. In addition, it has been added a spring that, by wrapping the damper, ensures better cushioning at the stroke end.

In the inside, the nylon spring-drum assembly guarantees a lower wear of the same and allows not to grease the rope, thereby reducing the necessary maintenance procedures and avoiding the accumulation of dust and harmful material. Besides these changes, providing better quality and durability of the product, the safety system has been redesigned for automatic reset to simplify both use and maintenance.

In addition to these new technical features that make our 95XX Balancers safer and easier to use, when placing the order, our customers may choose two more options which have been thought of to further protect the safety of the operator.
The first is the Ratchet Lock or Dynamic Stop, device which allows to block the tool in any position chosen by the operator by a simple manoeuvre performed directly on the load being hung without the need to act on the manual locking system (which is though present and possibly also available with a control from the floor).
The second is the Shock-absorbing Brake that intervenes in extreme situations. For example, should either a descent or an ascent of the load at dangerous speeds occurs, the Shock-absorbing Brake would work by reducing gradually the rope speed as far as to carry the load to a softer stop, thus ensuring the integrity of the balancer and the operator's maximum safety. The balancers of the series 95XX ensure a zero gravity balancing type on the various capacities and, thanks to the use of high quality 80 mm springs, allow the balancing of the load in each position of the stroke.

In the attachment, the technical specifications of the two new families of the 95XX balancers.
The relevant prices will be available soon.

One of the most important leaders in the resistance welding machine construction market, TECNA has over thirty years’ experience and is a landmark of efficiency and professionalism in Italy and around the world..............