Standard GS Line

Standard GS Line

TECNA BALANCERS are manufactured in Italy, following the highest quality standards, built to last and to help you work with best performance and ergo- nomics. We make your life better. TECNA BALANCERS are essential in eliminating operator fatigue and injuries, increasing productivity by reducing cycle times and improving the quality of the production.
TECNA BALANCERS safeguard your tools, hoses and cables thus increasing their lifetime and your productivity.

TECNA is a leading worldwide manufacturer. Products, spare parts and assistance can be found easily anywhere and everywhere. Just contact us if you don’t know a local dealer and we’ll support you and guide you to the closest Tecna distributor.

Some numbers game:
Almost 6.000.000 TECNA BALANCERS manufactured. TECNA sells on average more than 160.000 BALANCERS per year, with more than 300 different models and possibility of further customisation. One of the most complete range of products available on the market, with load range up to 180kg (400lbs) and rope stroke up to 4,5m (14ft). More than 2.000 hours of R&D per year are dedicated to product development for balancers. 4 registered patents. 3 new patents pending. You are in good hands.
AND there’s a lot more to TECNA than just a large structure and big numbers. There’s competence, there’s professionalism, there’s thought, there’s flexibi- lity. There’s PEOPLE. We’re here to listen and to provide solutions wherever possible. We’re fast, we’re flexible. We can handle urgency and we can handle special requests.

All balancers are manufactured in conformity with the DIN 15112 Directive.
All models in TECNA’s STANDARD BALANCERS line, both stainless steel rope and NY rope, have the GS mark, the most important safety certification in the world, which very few are able to obtain on their product.
All TECNA PRODUCTS undergo thorough testing to ensure maximum safety and performance in time. Breaking load is guaranteed minimum 5 times the declared maximum load for all sensible parts.
Cables are bare, in order to ensure quick visual inspection. TECNA offers cable choice: Stainless steel, Dyneema® or Polypropylene.
Different materials on cables allow TECNA BALANCERS to be used in many different situations, for example where a steel cable might scratch delicate objects.
Innovation and improvement are constant and continuous.

TECNA BALANCERS behave excellently and prove their rugged sturdiness also in extreme working conditions, such as heavy duty applications, meat processing industry, outdoor conditions, as well as extremely repeating high-rate uses on assembly lines tool suspension, where long life means higher production.
TECNA was the first to develop a dedicated line with ATEX certification, suitable for use in areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere composed of flammable gases or combustible materials.

TECNA BALANCERS are good and tough and allow you to do a lot more than just suspend loads or tools. Just use them and you will see, the only limit is your creativity. And when you don’t find an answer, just contact us and we’ll listen. TECNA BALANCERS are just so good that you can forget about them… but don’t forget to use them!