Atex Features Information

Atex Features Information



TECNA S.p.A. produces a range of BALANCERS suitable to be installed in potentially explosive areas composed by flammable gases or combustible dusts.


TECNA was the first to develop a dedicated line with AtEx certification, suitable for use in areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere composed of flammable gases or combustible materials.

TECNA AX BALANCERS, depending on the models, are compatible with most flammable fumes, gases including PropaneEthyleneAcethylene and Hydrogen (IIC group)as well as flammable dust.

Balancers are meant for safety and ergonomics and they must be able to follow you and your needs in every possible scenario. Therefore TECNA made balancers that can follow you also in dangerous situations, where even the tiniest spark can mean trouble.

AtEx certification, beside other features, requires products to be entirely conductivegrounded and with spark-proof materials.

TECNA AX BALANCERS LINE guarantees this and more.

TECNA AX BALANCERS line is perfect for Oil&Gas applications, oil plants and refineries, chemical plants, but also tank washers, as well as situations with flour or flammable powders in suspension.

Overall resistance from ground point to carabiner is below 1 Ohm, which makes these balancers perfectly suitable for ESD applications as well.

The challenge was to manufacture balancers with the same endurance and performance, which would be compliant with AtEx requirements, in a no-compromise line.

TECNA AX BALANCERS LINE performs equal to the classic TECNA BALANCERS line, simply with full compliance with AtEx strict requirement.

TECNA BALANCERS can follow you wherever you go, wherever you work. Just use them and you will see, the only limit is your creativity. And when you don’t find an answer, just contact us and we’ll listen.

Atex features for Tecna balancers are: