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Resistance Microwelding: quality and precision with the new measuring instruments by TECNA

The line of instruments designed by TECNA for measuring resistance welding parameters is now enriched by a new series of accessories for Weld Tester TE1700C. These add-ons are essential to cover the whole range of typical microwelding values, and are functional to the achievement of the highest level of performance.


Functionality and efficiency

All these accessories have been specifically designed to be ergonomic and to guarantee easiness of handling and optimal functionality. They are also incredibly compact and can be used in low-current and low-force settings:

  • the lightweight force transducers can be positioned on small electrodes;
  • the flexible transducer has a small diameter that allows its  insertion in small and compact secondary circuits, typical of welding heads.

These new  instruments, together with others already available in our catalogue, can measure  and visualize,  on the TE1700C’s 5.7″ color LCD touch Screen, different types of values like force, resistance, current, voltage and energy.   It is also possible to simultaneously display current flow while measuring force.

Technical characteristics


Force transducer 20 daN – 44 Ib with cable L = 2 m


Force transducer 100 daN – 44 Ib with cable L = 2 m


Flexible transducer diameter 80 mm with cable L = 2m

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