Inverter Control unit TE700


The TE700 is a particularly versatile welding control unit as it may be adjusted to different types of welders; it may be installed not only on spot and projection welders but on seam welders too. Moreover, it may work with constant current, fix, constant power, constant voltage and constant energy adjustment and in dynamic mode.

The number of inlets and outlets may be increased so to better adjust the welding control unit to automatic machines.

The control unit may manage up to a maximum of 4 different welding transformers.

It is possible to store up to 300 different welding programs. Each program may be given an alphanumeric identification so to easily track it down. Each program comprises several programmable parameters that describe the work cycle. In addition to the plain 4-stage welding cycle, the control unit allows the running of welding processes with pre-welding current, post-welding current, slope and pulses.